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Default Re: It's just a start, but...

Today, I borrowed some crappy like $50 condensers at work. I borrowed a
Mackie mixer that has more mic inputs, but something was wrong with it. All is was able to do was to use two channels with the solo button on and send it to a stereo input on the same 4-channel Behringer I've been using.

Anyway. This is how far we got today on the Behringer:

Channel 1 - 57 on snare
Channel 3 (stereo channel) - Edirol in front of bass drum
Channel 4 - Overheads from non functioning Mackie. (Guess I'll use this for the tom mics in the future.)

Tommy with band straight into tape input.

Headphone output split between my headphones and mic input of my crappy Vaio. (Yeah I know. lol No jack to phono plugs available around here.)

Without really knowing, it seems to me that if I get the bass drum and overheads to sound good, half the job is done. A hi-hat mic would be nice as this clicketi-clack thing is really not what I hear up close.

Anyway this is where it's at one day later.
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