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Default Re: Aquarian Drumheads Help

Originally Posted by AlaskanPipeline View Post
Aquarian Modern Vintage, Jack Dejohnette series, or plain texture coated for snare and toms. For the bassdrum, the Modern Vintage with the felt strip

Time for my 'Me Too' on this. :)

I've used all of these and my favorite for drums that will be used primarily for jazz gigs is the Modern Vintage. The Satin Texture Coated (single ply coated) and Jack Dejohnette are great heads too but not quite the same as the MV.

If you are mixing it up style wise I'd recommend the Texture coated as it is more versatile. IMO, the JDJ head is a great head for metal shelled drums. Jack has no problem with them on all of his drums. :)

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