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Default Re: Beater striking position

Originally Posted by EricT43 View Post
Hi guys.

I just noticed that my bass drum beater is striking the head about 1"-2" above the center of the drum. Who knows how long it's been set up like that, but I seem to remember reading or hearing somewhere that if you strike slightly off-center, you get a little more tone and roundness, and a little less attack.

Is this right? Where do you have your pedal set to hit the head? Dead center?
Not dead center in my case. I rely a lot on rebound when I play, so I usually set it below center.

That said, there's no right and wrong with placement. Experiment a bit to see what sound/response you want. Tightening the head, pedal spring tension, choice of beater, etc. can all have an impact on getting to the "sweet spot".
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