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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
What is certain is that if you are lucky enough to have a special Porsche/Ferrari/Bentley/Whatever in your garage, even if it loses value, it's still a lot more fun than if you owned a dotcom stock that tanked.
I agree wholeheartedly. What's all that paper money going to come to anyway? A lot of worthless IOUs in the long run.

Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
If noone is willing to pay a high price for your goods, then it does indeed mean that they are worth that much to somebody other than you. You may also have sound reasons why you are not prepared to sell for the market value, in which case you are saying that the goods that you own are worth more to you than the money which you could exchange them for.
Something might be priceless to me. But if it winds up in someone else's garage sale, it might be sold for a few bucks. Yet I would have paid more. So going into the economic theory behind that situation, the higher price is only realised if the right buyer is found. Now once that price has been paid, there might no longer be a buyer willing to pay the same price. So was the original price tag justified? It's a similar situation in the case of the higher price tag for vintage stuff just because it's "vintage" :P

Like the dial-up modems that are being tossed around on this thread. Are they junk? Are the owners waiting for the price to appreciate? Why on earth have those things not been disposed of yet?

The only reason I can think of is "waiting for a McGyver moment" :P
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