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Default Re: It's just a start, but...

So this is where the last video is from.

After a some thinking and a conversation with the lady of the house.

We decided that the bedroom works best as a bedroom and also that this solution.. inferior to just replacing one of these windows in my bedroom and put in a door for her there

Which means that this is the new drum room.

Excuse the mess. Im in the process of moving in.

The stairs to the left of my guitar amps there goes upstairs to two big guest rooms where Ill put my speaker cabinets.

Today I experiemented with my 57 on the snare and put my Edirol close in front of the bass drum. If I borrow a couple of condensers from work for overheads and a slightly bigger mixer, I just need something better to record video on and Ill at least be up and going for getting myself some skype lesson and sharing some of my playing.

Im borrowing a mic stand at work for the 57 now. Doing a little test, I was surprised by the great sound, but also confronted with how extremely bad my timing is when Im not fully balanced and concentrated on the music.

I think I just gonna start with getting mics first as I guess with a few small mixers I can initially get by with just a few converter inputs if I put all the toms onwe one channel etc

Maybe a friend, whios upgrading, has something cheap I can buy or borrow to tie me over.
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