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Originally Posted by hollowcreature View Post
I totally agree, Mikey!

You might be interested in an upcoming album called 'In Chances of Light' by i'Anson, which is basically a Scottish singer-songwriter called Hugh Carswell with a few guest musicians, including Steve on drums throughout. I have heard some of the music and am not totally convinced overall, but it's great to hear Steve on real drums again. Check out for more details. Hugh also blogged about the process of getting Steve to play on the album, and working with him remotely, which is quite an interesting read:
Steve Jansen's playing on the Japan album Tin Drum and the David Sylvian Brilliant Trees, as well as the excellent Secrets of the Beehive is just fantastic. I play nothing like SJ but for me tracks like sons of pioneers are just so musical and simple. SJ creates a sense of space and atmosphere few other drummers get near.
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