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Default Re: G2 Coated or G2 Clear

I'd like to point out that when you hear sounds on record or even in a live setting, it's almost impossible to really tell what kind of heads are being used. I've probably tried all kinds of different heads and head combination and in a live setting to the audience, the audience is happy that they sound like drums. You may experience more resonant ring from the driver's seat, or not, but rest assured that the sound is definitely different by the time audience ears hear them.

But the basic premise is that if you use coated heads, the pitch actually drops a little bit due to the weight of the coating sprayed onto the head. So a coated G2 compared to a clear G2 will sound deeper. Just as a double-ply head will sound deeper (and a little more deader) compared to a single-ply head. And if you experience Evan's Hydraulic heads, those will sound even more dead because they inject a bit of oil between the plies.

So, if you like a drum that's bright and speaks immediately upon impact, go for single ply. A drum that sounds deeper and takes more action to make it react will be a double-ply head. And these differences are very slight. And if you were making recordings, as soon as the drum gets mic'ed up and processed in the console, it will sound different, and can be made to sound very different.

So I would recommend getting what you like. If you play alot and care about your sound, go with regular ol' remo ambassadors on everything, because they sound good, and they're the cheapest to replace - when I was working alot, I'd change heads about once a month.
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