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Originally Posted by JosephDAqui View Post
Just a warning on s-hoops: be careful, I put one on my main snare, and I'm a rim-shot guy - I busted through 3 pairs of Weckl Evolution Vic Firths in one 55 min. show. It may be different for other sticks but depending on how you hit, it will make several stress breaks and eventually split badly. I went to triple flanged in a hurry (previous to the s-hoop, I had a gretsch stick chopper), although I think the slingerland hoops are the best balance for rimshots and saving your sticks. That's been my experience.
Wow, really? Stick saver hoops are not so stick saving after all lol. :)

Could be that there is more surface area of the stick taking punishment because of the hoop being flat, thus causing it to break sooner instead of getting chopped up like it would with standard hoops. Interesting, thanks JosephD.

Originally Posted by TColumbia37 View Post
I've never tried them extensively, but I've played on my friend's OCDP snare with die cast hoops. Anyhow, every snare I've heard in person and absolutely loved had die cast hoops. They always give that perfect 'crack' that I like. I may even ask my drum instructor if he has any laying around.

I'm certainly a rim shot guy, but I'm not worried about the 'feel' or the longevity of my sticks. I've never noticed any substantial difference in feel when using die cast, and my sticks already last me longer than I really need them to. I wouldn't complain about the trade off of sticks vs tone.

I'm sure they won't make some monumental difference in my snare sound, but if they give me a better 'crack', then I'd say they're worth it.
Well then sounds like you know what you're after. Good luck finding what you need T.
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