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Default Re: confused about the right heads

Originally Posted by Sam1 View Post
I'm looking for some new heads top n bottom for a 12"x9 tom, 16"x16 floor tom and a 22"x18 bass for a second hand premier astria I've bought, I want a nice thump with not to much sustain and easy to tune, from looking on line I'm thinking Evans ec2's and ec reso on the toms and may be emad bass heads, is this a good idear? Suggestions please as I am new to tuning and buying heads
I am sure the ec2 tom heads will work for you. My experience of the evans emad kick head is not so good. In this instance I would recommend aquarian super kick 2 over and above emad system. But this is based on my kit which is not Premier Aristar. Please consider that drum sounds on recordings are often hugely processed compared to the original sound. Often the source sound is more open than a recording or even live gig sound might imply. Tuning is all about even small adjustments, most premier drums have a distinct sweet spot, trying to over or under tune will just not work.

I learnt to drum on a yellow premier resonator / happy days...... So enjoy your drums
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