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Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
T, have you tried die cast hoops personally? I would at least try to hit a drum with one on there before devoting your wallet to them. You may or may not like it. Like bob said, maybe get a used one to see if you like the effect it has on your drum both in feel and especially sound.

IMO and if you're a rim shot drummer, I'd go with a stick saver hoop or a 3.0mm like zarrdoss mentioned. The feel of a rim shot with a die cast may not feel good but with a stick saver you'll wear the stick less in the middle and with the 3.0mm it will give you a little bit more tone control or definition from the added weight.
I've never tried them extensively, but I've played on my friend's OCDP snare with die cast hoops. Anyhow, every snare I've heard in person and absolutely loved had die cast hoops. They always give that perfect 'crack' that I like. I may even ask my drum instructor if he has any laying around.

I'm certainly a rim shot guy, but I'm not worried about the 'feel' or the longevity of my sticks. I've never noticed any substantial difference in feel when using die cast, and my sticks already last me longer than I really need them to. I wouldn't complain about the trade off of sticks vs tone.

I'm sure they won't make some monumental difference in my snare sound, but if they give me a better 'crack', then I'd say they're worth it.
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