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Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
I saw Blakey live in either 1982 or 1983, I don't recall. Wynton was with him then. All I recall was my adrenaline going wild - same way when I sat about 8 feet from Buddy's bass drum all night. Both left a lifelong impression on me.

Free for All is a killer album.

The Big Beat is the studio album where you'll find It's "Only A Paper Moon".
Hi dmacc,

I certainly envy you for those experiences. I'm afraid Art was long gone before I'd even started drumming at the age of 14.

I don't think this is the same version of It's Only a Paper Moon. I have the Big Beat and from memory it doesn't sound quite the same. Can't check because the "Best Of" CD is at my dad's place hundreds of miles away.

I don't think the Rudy van Gelder remaster would have altered the sound so substantially that it sounded like a different version either.

The search continues.
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