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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by mandrew View Post
I don't think that a drum has a dated sound. I do think we have dated perceptions. I can change the sound of a drum by changing heads, tunings, snare wire configurations, etc.I can make a supra sound like a respectable concert snare with the right parts and tuning. If I use the same drum set up as was used for vintage recording, yeah, it will sound vintage. I think it is a matter of setup and part selection.
Here's a story about perception, related to snare drums:

I bought a cheapo Yamaha steel snare, the model you used to get with a Stage Custom kit. I bought it because it included one of those nice Yamaha plastic cases and a nice stand and it was $50 shipped. I didn't really want the drum; I was going to strip the hardware and use the hardware for a project. So, the price seemed right for what I wanted.

When I rec'd the kit I had to give the snare a try, even though my plan was to part it out. To my surprise, I loved the way it sounded. It had a real nice crack to it-very solid, sharp, woody crack. It was the sound I would expect to get from an expensive stave snare. As a result, I bought another similar kit. I think the 2nd one was $62 shipped-same stuff included. This way, I could use one for my intended plan (parting it for a project) and keep the 2nd one as another snare in my arsenal.

The moral of the story relating to this thread is (as mandrew said): when it comes to perception, perception may not be reality. And, price doesn't necessarily equal any 'quality of sound.' A snare drum is what one makes of it. We should keep our minds open, when it comes to drum choices.
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