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Originally Posted by Mike Stand View Post
I've had Nefertitti playing in my car for months now. Now ideal for the acoustics, but my work commute is the only time I have to really soak in the compexity of it all.

But, honestly, nobody "gets" Tony the first time they hear him, right?

Took me a while to come round to jazz, and even then I had to first absorb the more straight forward harbop stuff before getting into those '60s Miles records.
I think I actually bought Nefertitti and other Miles albums a few years ago and subsequently traded them in!

Boy am I glad that I finally got it! I think I do anyway... in any case, I certainly enjoy Tony's sound and playing, that's what counts.

Still, I'd be interested to know how you all came to be Tony fans, was it obvious from the start or was it a long journey via other drummers and music?

It honestly scares me to think that I could have gone to my grave never having appreciated "that" ride sound!
I first heard Tony in the mid 1980s .....a friend played me a Lifetime record...I think it was Emergency!
I wasn't really into it at the time ...but I loved the drumming

I went on to seek out more of this guys playing and Boom!!....mind blown!

first I found Seven Steps To Heaven and lost it...I was obsessed

some of my favorite Tony recordings in case you have not heard them....please...PLEASE!!! check them out

Jackie McLean - Vertigo
Jackie Mclean - One Step Beyond (both of which he is 17 on......FIRE! )

Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch
Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles
Andrew Hill - Point Of Departure
Wayne Shorter - the Soothsayer
Kenny Dorham - Una Mas

funny story real quick

I was attending IAR in NYC around 1993 or '94
one rainy morning around 7:30 I was walking across 6th ave on my way to school and who walks past me crossing in the opposite direction and just about rubs shoulders with me wearing a full length leather trench coat, black leather gloves and a Kangol hat smoking a big thick cigar ?

Tony Williams

I became speechless and spun around as he passed and all that came out of my mouth was ....."Tony Williams!"....

he turned his head and smiled with the stogie in his mouth and gave a thumbs up never breaking stride ........I on the other hand got side swiped by a cab and fell on my ass in the middle of a wet 6th ave.

all worth it

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