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I've had Nefertitti playing in my car for months now. Now ideal for the acoustics, but my work commute is the only time I have to really soak in the compexity of it all.

But, honestly, nobody "gets" Tony the first time they hear him, right?

Took me a while to come round to jazz, and even then I had to first absorb the more straight forward harbop stuff before getting into those '60s Miles records.
I think I actually bought Nefertitti and other Miles albums a few years ago and subsequently traded them in!

Boy am I glad that I finally got it! I think I do anyway... in any case, I certainly enjoy Tony's sound and playing, that's what counts.

Still, I'd be interested to know how you all came to be Tony fans, was it obvious from the start or was it a long journey via other drummers and music?

It honestly scares me to think that I could have gone to my grave never having appreciated "that" ride sound!
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