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Originally Posted by Mike Stand View Post
Brian Blade made me want to play again! Ten years ago I half gave up drumming. I never sold my drumkit, just wasn't so interested in playing anymore so they were stashed away in various places.

I agree with many posters here that seeing/hearing Blade live is quite an experience.

A few years ago I saw the Wayne Shorter Quartet in Barcelona in a fantastic, modern and very big auditorium. Had the best seat in the house.

Blade was on fire that night. Apparently the US ambassador to Spain was in attendance, he subsequently wrote about how moving the concert had been.

Shortly afterwards, I bought a new kit. Gretsch Catalina jazz.

It's difficult to explain Blade's style in words. It's not just drumming anymore, it's actually music. He plays so dynamically and with so much colour (to quote another post here).

I realize that I've bumped up an old thread, but I think Blade deserves it.

I think the reason that drummers like this aren't discussed often as some others is that you can't rationalise what their doing. It's not about bpm or how precise they are etc, etc.
What they do is simply beyond the sound barrier.

But to quote W. Shorter "Talkin' about it is not where it's at".

After all, if we could summarise this kind of music in words, then we wouldn't need the music itself.
Very well stated, Mike Stand.

What Brian brings to the music is difficult to articulate. I think that as musicians, it's easy for us to get caught up in thinking clinically, executing what we learned in the woodshed. Brian really throws that stuff all away. And when you watch other musicians just absolutely loving what he brings to the music, you realize that cats aren't concerned about some of the stuff we worry about as drummers. It's all about the music, living and breathing it, in the moment.
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