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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post

My snares of choice are all 6.5", and there are two Supras in the mix. Although I have several 5" Supras, they don't see much action. nothing to do with their sound, I just prefer a 6.5" snare.

I agree with this :-). I love the 402. My other favorite is a 6.5x14" Ludwig Vistalite snare from 2004. And it may sound like heresy, but I like the supra and the vistalite better than my 6.5x14 Black Beauty.

But not everyone has to love a Supra 402 or 400. Pearl Sensitones are great - I also still have a Pearl Export steel snare that has a great crack to it. And a DW Classic series snare is a beautiful thing...there is lots to love...
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