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Originally Posted by porter View Post
RIMS mounts are for rack toms, no? Unless you put your rack tom in a snare basket, this isn't a RIMS killer. A Dynamount killer, sure, but that was pretty much already dead when isolating feet became popular. This is an aftermarket solution designed to do the same that isolating feet do. Not that it's not a good product, though- it's great!

There's RIMS for rack and FToms, no ones solved the bass drum resonance equation, when they do mounted toms are along for the ride.

A bass drum version could be made, they'd be bigger, mounted toms and the bass drum itself would receive positive FX. If you mount toms on a stand, not bass drum, some sort of BOOTY SHAKER will work.

Its all how the drum couples with the floor, not what's mounted to the shell, Gauger proved it 30 years ago, people didn't see that aspect, they bought what he was selling, did/does the same thing, de couples the drum(s) from the floor.
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