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Default RIMS killers

Cool, someone finally brought a simple solution to RIMS mounts on the market.

Gary Gauger demonstrated this fact back in the 80's when he released a pricy, heavy, space intruding devise called the RIMS mount. What gauger did was bend the truth by saying any hardware touching the shell robbed resonance, when in reality for those who could see by his demonstration of holding a drum in your hand and hitting it equalled more resonance, that its how the drum is coupled to the floor, not what's bolted to the shell.

You could mount a faucet to those drums in the video, being 'de coupled' from the floor they would still 'ring' out w/full resonance.

Still up for grabs is bass drum spurs designed with active suspension (yup, think motor car). PEARL already came out with the FTom rubber feet sporting cut-outs years ago, they work well for the FT, others have followed with similar rubber feet, still no active, vibration canceling bass drum spurs tho.

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