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Originally Posted by Artstar View Post
Yeah.. I hear what you are saying.. But remember.. a regular Collectors without the upgraded veneer or specialty paint.. Is not that far off from Performance. You might have bought into the perception they are always expensive.
That's why I went with the Performance over the Design series. I was tempted to get the Design. After all is said and done (I'm going to order the 16" in a couple of weeks, and I already got the 8" tom when I ordered my kit), the DWPS is going to end up being almost a grand more than the Design series kit, but with the Performance being close in design to the Collectors (with some pretty clear differences, obviously), it was a no brainer.

So far I've had to return two drums - the 8" was out of round, and the bass is out of round. But the responsiveness of both DW and the vendors I've used (Guitar Center and Geartree), I still have a good amount of faith in them, despite initially being put off. The response and customer service from all three has actually been outstanding.
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