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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

I'm with Karl although I really have not had a chance to put a 402 through its paces. I sold an Acrolite after giving up on trying to get it to sound how I wanted and recently parted out a 400 keeping the lugs for another project. I also tried a very nice Drumcraft cast aluminum snare that was 14x6.5. Something about that drum was just too dry and "modern" sounding for me.

Eventually I want to get a 402 and really try it out as my tastes lean toward deeper drums but I am finding that I prefer brass and wood snares to aluminum. There really is a much different tone going from a spun shell to a cast aluminum snare. A guitarist friend described it as "woody" sounding. For that money though I'd rather just get a wood snare.
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