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Originally Posted by Artstar View Post
Not bagging on DW, because I like them just fine.. but I remember why this was happening, at least before. They started using the cold presses to cure the shells faster, but with that much moisture near the coast.. it might still not be remedied.

THIS was a response by Good years back regarding their shells :

"There were so many shell failures due to
our old ambient air cooling methods. What
I mean by this is, we simply made shells
under 2600 lbs of pressure at 200 degrees
for 5.5 minutes, took them out of the molds
and put them on a cold cement floor to cool
down. We manufacture in Oxnard, where
one day there are hot, dry Santa Ana winds
and the next day there’s fog and moist air
coming off the Channel Islands. These
shells react favorably and unfavorably to
these environmental conditions. In the past,
we’ve had to destroy so many shells
due to warping. "
im pretty sure i heard that in the "dw factory tour" video.

idk how the drums warps after they go through the heating/cooling process in those "locking cylinder thing"? they show it in the video that drums go in the hot cylinder, the middle locks with pressure for a few minutes, then its taken out and immediately put in the cold cylinder, the middle locks with pressure so the drum doesnt move/cant warp.

idk... unless they are cutting back on the cooling process to make the performance series more affordable?
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