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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Just to be clear, the Supras and Acrolites are 5", not 5.5".

I don't think Supras are overrated, but they are ubiquitous, and for good reason: they sound great. Tuning obviously has a lot to do with the resulting sound, and the drum can't be faulted if a pleasing tuning isn't achieved. But it's not hard to get a great sound without much work. Is it the best snare in the world? I don't know, like anything, it depends on who you ask. there are many great sounding snares from several manufacturers.

It's like asking if the Shure 57 is the best snare mic. I don't really know, I'm not an engineer. But I do know that I see one pointed at my snare about 80% of the time on live gigs and in the studio. Then again, there's also the McDonald's hamburgers analogy. :)

My snares of choice are all 6.5", and there are two Supras in the mix. Although I have several 5" Supras, they don't see much action. nothing to do with their sound, I just prefer a 6.5" snare.

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