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Default Re: Getting Nervous

Thank you for all of the great input !! Lots good advice in this thread
I decided Iím going to play at the audition and just have fun! That is when I sound the best, when Iím having fun. Iím gonnaí bring out my Keith Moon persona.

Let me be honest and tell you what is really going on.
And please donít take this the wrong way. Iím not trying to boast, show off or brag about myself.

When I was young back in the 1960ís I was a great drummer. I could play rock and roll with one hand better that most drummers could play with two hands. Many drummers came to our band concerts just to watch me play. And they would ask me, how do I do this or that. Consequently I developed a rather large ego.

In my early 20ís I decided to stop playing drums and pursue a regular 9 to 5 working career and a family. I played drums maybe once a year with some local band that was desperate for a drummer.

So now I am retired. Without practicing or playing the drums for 40 years, I started attending jam night at the local club. I had a great time jamming. And I had to come to grips with the fact that most drummers are better than I am.

Well, thatís OK. Basically I donít play drums anymore. But Iím an adequate drummer and I play much better than I thought I would, having been away from it so long.

The house band asked me to play drums for them which I am now doing each week. And now this audition for another big band came up. And they want to come to jam night and hear me play.

So I have been struggling with the fact that Iím 63 years old and that I have not practiced or played very much for the last 40 years. And I have been wondering, do I really care if I get the job or not. Or if I should even expect to have a good audition.

But thanks to you guys I feel much better about it !!!!!!
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