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I had an audition for the Blue Man Group quite a few years ago. It was all going fine, we were all waiting in a cold building in London for what seemed like ages. Certainly long enough for me to think.

By the time I got to audition I was a complete cold nervous wreck. I played for the them ok I thought, then they asked me to play some stuff with one of the drummers from the show. This was promising I thought again as they hadn't asked anyone else in my group. The instructions were clear, no flash stuff, no triplets or rudiments. They asked me to play sixteenths over the top of eighth note bass drum. So me and the other drummer started playing, great I thought, and then he started trading 4s... bugger, I was so nervous I have no idea what the hell I was playing but it soon stopped being sixteenths and started being a response to the other drummer. I really thought I had done well, just what they were looking for I thought... Only what they were looking for was someone who could follow simple bloody instructions I guess. Needless to say I failed the audition.

I went back that night and played a great gig with my band though, despite feeling very deflated.

So the nervousness didn't cause me to screw up, just have a brain fade instead.
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