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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

I gave up my "smart" phone last year. I was paying $100/month for something I was rarely using. Granted, I live on my iPad but that just made my smart phone even more useless since I could do everything on my iPad and it had a much bigger screen. I personally hate talking on the phone, so I just couldn't justify the huge bill every month. I now have a flip phone with 200/minutes per month (that I rarely use more than 50 of) and a very small texting plan (of which I do even less). My iPad is my only computer.

Basically, Technology is great until it doesn't work and then we're all screwed. At least growing up, when the electricity went out and the tv didn't work, I had enough stuff to keep me occupied and happy. Im not sure there's a lot of kids today that can say that. When the electricity is out they're panicking becuase there's no computer or tv or video games and the phone can't be charged. I realize I'm sounding like an old geezer (which I am) but sometimes I truly believe that technology sets us back instead of forward.
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