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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

Mixed bag in my house. My wife hates anything and all things related to technology. She won't use the computer and I have to beg her to carry her cheap cell phone (not smart phone and no texting) in the event of an emergency.

I hate cell phones and much like my wife, I carry that same sort of cheap cell that has no texting capabilities (as far as I know of).

We still have 2 plug in the wall phones. The cordless goes dead too often not to.

I need a high speed web connection for my job as I work 100% from home (for now). Without it, I don't get paid. I have a smartphone for work and 110% despise the thing. I only use a few functions on a thing that seems to have a bazillion.

We don't download mp3's and I don't use cloud storage for anything other than my Kindle - which I love as it allows me to eliminate any book or magazine that I would otherwise be tossing in a recycle bin or needing to find room for on a shelf. Less clutter.

I have one leg in each bucket I guess.

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