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Default Re: Shure Beta 52a and AKG D112 - Video

I'm still leaning towards keeping both at this time. I already said this, but that would give me the option of which mic to use on the bass drum, then just use the other for a floor tom mic.

My mics currently consists of:

- 2 Sterling Audio Large Condensers for overheads
- Shure SM57 for snare
- Sennheiser e609 for rack tom
- Shure Beta 52 for floor tom
- AKG D112 for bass drum

I also just realized I've had a Peavey PVM 480 pencil condenser that someone left at my house MANY years ago. I figured it was a cheap mic and it's been in a box being stored since then. However, I just read that they're pretty good. I'll have to break that one out and test it! Assuming it works, I can get in touch with the original owner and he doesn't want it back, that would be good for either hi-hats or ride, depending on where I wanted a little more volume.
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