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That's good to know cg! I'm fairly OCD so knowing that the purchasing process didn't go smooth as in there being no problems with the kit, that the setup is made up of replacement drums and knowing I had to go through such a process to correct these issues would leave a bad taste with me and DW. I probably would have returned the whole kit and never looked back. Though in the end that could be my loss of a great kit or it might not. I know it's not an extremely high dollar type of item, like a car for example but with it being well over $2000 after taxes just for drums with such a simple finish on it, it's just the principle of it. If you plan to charge that kind of money I expect it to be 99% flawless or so with that last 1% being a shell or shells having a 1/8" to 3/16" difference at the most and seeing the type of problems you had with not only the 8" but the biggest piece of the kit the bass drum as well, I would not be happy.

I don't mean this to come across as being a snob or psycho over issues that may be trivial to some but it's just my feelings on it is all. Not only did you pay that kind of money for those drums, you ran into two major porblems and one being an add-on drum, you're having to deal with shipping things back which is possibly money out of your pocket and time as well, not to mention having to wait to be able to enjoy your investment. If I were DW and because of the extreme issues, I would have offered you a cymbal stand of your choice or something. Just to show appreciation for your business. That's how I would run my company if I had one.

Anyway lol, hope things get squared away for you cg!
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