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Default Re: 100 year old mahogany

I am on the home stretch now. I sprayed the kit with 6 or 7 coats of 2 part automotive urethane with a shot of flex agent to give the drum room to breathe with temperature changes. The bearing edges are 95% complete, roundover outer and a 45 inner. I masked the edges to keep them free of clear coat, they will get a final sand and a beeswax coat to finish them.

I drilled all the lug holes using a homemade jig for consistency

And I inserted the custom vents. All that remains now is to wait a week or two for the urethane to cure, then I can wet sand 600 to 2000 grit and polish to remove the orange peel and have hopefully a finish like a calm peaceful lake. Then go spend a couple hundred bucks on new heads, assemble and PLAY!!!

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