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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

With you Bo. I have a push button landline phone. Had it for 30 years, & it works just fine. I hate - no, detest my mobile phone. Even though it's not the latest smartphone thingy, it still manages to be a royal PITA. As a phone, it's F useless. It has a keyboard for text use & other stuff I don't understand, but the buttons are so small, anything bigger than an amoeba would struggle to use it. I can't see the screen properly anyhow, & don't even get me started on touchscreen stuff.

Text is a good idea for sure, but unless you were born last week, it's so laborious to operate. Text is the only mobile phone "extra" I find of any use, & even then, only to bug the crap out of someone who doesn't answer the phone, or get through to someone BECAUSE THE SIGNAL IS CRAP!!!!
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