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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

She's always serious.

I'm a man of lesser years than some here (try putting that politely) and I'm disillusioned with a lot of technology. There are instances when it is the best solution - I use my laptop, I have fibre-optic broadband, a smartphone, music production software, etc. There is something inherently satisfying in physical media though. Other than my phone, I don't own a digital camera. I have film cameras. I have a collection of records and a turntable. I even have a good-quality Pioneer cassette player (for what it's worth!).

There's something highly satisfying about being able to touch photographs and touch music. I always think digital photographs have less value because they're rarely printed out. You don't go through that process of unpacking them from the processing lab and looking for the finger on the lens and the poor exposures and as a child, that was something we did a lot. I miss that.

I also have a wired landline phone. One day I may even get one that I can mount on the wall.
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