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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

I remember when all this were just fields ...

Shoot me now, but I actually prefer to read on my iPad. I can read in the dark without disturbing Mr Madge when he's asleep, I don't lose my page, and it's a jolly sight lighter than many books. And I can carry a large library around with me.

My abiding memory from the 70s is how artificial our food was: full of synthetic colours and flavours. I used to prefer bought cakes to home-made (ok, my mum wasn't Mary Berry, but still!). And clothes were all nylon and polyester - ouch!

I like technology. When it doesn't work there's usually a small locally-based business that can fix it for you. When it does work, it means I can go on DW pretty much wherever I am, and I can't see how that can be a bad thing.
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