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Default Re: What vintage has done to me

Haha - yeah, I almost complained about those little pad thingy's too. Someone at work tried to sell me on getting a Kindle or something to read stuff, and I was open enough to try it, but I ended up returning it. Another battery to charge, and when it goes obsolete, then what? Give me an actual book any day!

Like computers, I love my digital SLR cameras for that part of my business, but you know the last time I went to Yosemite, I took an old manual film-loading Nikon that didn't need batteries - and I laughed for three days when at the end of the day, all my other photog shooters are having to re-charge their batteries and dump their images to their laptops. Me? I just changed rolls of film and put the spent rolls in my backpack for the trip home!

I really admire how far we've come technologically, but when what you do, and where you do it hasn't really changed, being high tech for the sake of high tech seems more counter-productive, doesn't it?
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