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Default Re: DW 9000 double pedal thoughts?

I'm gonna sound biased but the DW 9000 pedal is really great. I use DW 5000 and I've used a DW 9000 single and it's just so smooth. I would say that the closest comp to it would be those new TAMA Speed Cobra pedals. I wish that DW would make a 9000 direct drive pedal for even more smooth and quick response. The 9000 chain is already fast, but with a direct drive system I think it would blow any competitor out of the water.
I don't think your crazy for wanting a DW 9000 hi-hat to match, I'm sure you'd be able to get a deal for the Iron Cobra you already have, in order for you to acquire a DW 9000 hi-hat...
Will Geronimo
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