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Originally Posted by Push View Post
Bigger question is how you've never missed or lost a beat in over 50 years of playing.

I’m sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say I have never lost the beat (rhythm) of the music I'm playing.
I may have missed a beat now and then, but I have never lost the rhythm of the music. Even during solos.

I have an internal metronome inside me thanks to my father.

My father was a great professional drummer his whole life. When I was a very young boy, 4 or 5 years old, he taught me about the rhythm of the world. He showed me how there is rhythm in everything. From the rotation of the planet to the chirp of a cricket. Every time we heard a sound he would point out the rhythm of it and have me mimic that rhythm.

One day he had me listen to my heart. And I learned about my natural internal metronome.
He would set a metronome to a rhythm. He would have me set the rhythm in my head. He would then turn off the metronome. Then he would try and distract me and make me forget the beat. After a while he would ask me to tap out the beat of the rhythm I had remembered. Then he would restart the metronome to see how close I was to the original rhythm. After a while I got really good at doing that.

He did this over and over again for many years. Way before he taught me how to play a drum kit.

Just to show you how bad it can get. Yesterday I was talking to a secretary where I do some work. I had a pen in my hand and I was clicking it open and closed to Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. No music playing just my internal metronome. After a minute or two she screamed “Stop That Clicking !”
This happens to me all the time……………
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