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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Been meaning to join this forum for a long time, but life just keeps me busy.

Real name? Same as above

Age? 40

How long have you been playing? 33 years

Your top 5 drummers? Peart, Weckl, Hoglan, Donati, McBrain (man, there are so many. Those are the first that came to mind)

Make of drumkit?
I have 7 drum kits....
Slingerland (my very first at age 7)
Sonor Force 3000
Premier Cabria
Gretsch Catalina Ash
Mapex Saturn Pro
Roland TD10

and I actually still have the RIMS HEADSET. Anyone remember that? LOL
I actually want to sell it, so if there are any interested parties, let me know. I'm located in Dayton OH.

Make of cymbal? Paiste

Where do you practice? at home in my jam room / basement

Are you in a band? I literally play in 8 bands......2 of them being metal, 4 of them being tributes, 1 of them being a cover band, and 1 being a band with my brother, Michael Harris - playing his original instrumentals.

Do you play covers or originals? See above

What style of music? from jazz/fusion/funk to extreme metal

Favourite take out food? I avoid it, as I try to eat clean/healthy, but we have a place called Penn Station here that is killer. I can't help myself LOL

What country do you live in? USA

One really odd fact about yourself? Nothing odd that I can think of.......but I grew up listening to big band jazz from my dad, and his big band orchestra. But I'm a total metalhead.

How did you start drumming? Dad showed me a few licks. Older brother played too. Just a natural attraction.

Have around 20 albums that I played on, most known (to the metal heads) would be FIREWIND "Between Heaven & Hell" (this guitarist is now Ozzy's guitarist - Gus G is his name) and for those super hardcore metal lovers, SOLSTICE "To Dust". Interested in hearing some of it? It's all over YouTube. Do a search for those band names/album titles.

I'm sure like most of you, it's a never ending uphill battle trying to reach certain playing goals. Never a plateau!
Well that's all for now, I'll chime in on the "show us your kit" thread and other threads.

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