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Put it in perspective.

Would you say that playing drums is as easy for you as riding a bike? Would you be nervous about a bike riding audition?

You will be fine. Just remember, they are amateurs also. Now, if I was auditioning for a "real" gig with big time talent, I'd probably shit myself.

I recently auditioned for the 4th time in my 60+ year life and it was absolutely no big deal.

I remember my first audition @ 18 years old and I absolutely sucked. I didn't ask what songs they would be playing, and I completely struggled and sat there silent and dumbfounded several times.

My second @ 19 was no better, No bass player, just a guitar. It was ugly.

My third attempt was for a lounge type keyboard fronted band and I was a half assed rock and roll banger who played too loud.

In my mid 20's, I finally put something together with some friends and was able to get some experience and confidence over the next few years.

And, yay! Another old drummer in Phoenix :)
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