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Originally Posted by JohnW View Post
It's funny. I'm not nervous performing in front of people per se, but I can get anywhere from exhilarated to nervous to very nervous competing in front of a judge.

Our pipe band played in front of a sold out venue with 8,500 people each show and 15 shows over the course of a week in Switzerland. Cameras zooming around my face and hands. I felt as calm as I'd be in my living room. When we got back, we had 2 competitions. Judge right behind the drum corp each time and other judges walking around the band circle. Both times my mouth got dry, heart felt like an alligator, and my left hand and knees started to shake.
That is exactly how I'm feeling. But it may turn out that I won't be nervous.

Thank you guys for your great ideas !!
I love entertaining people. So that is what I'm going to do. Simply entertain them.

I played for 10 years in a band from 13 years old to 23 years old. After that for (40 years) I played when ever someone needed a drummer so I never had to try out for a position in a band until now.

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