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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Karl, some stretching isn't a bad idea regardless of the drum throne etc. of course. Actually I should do some more, have been neglecting this lately. Great to see you're doing this! (I would simply start slowly and then work my speed up to get warmed up.)

I checked their website and noticed they have a 13'' version, too. My weight varies a bit but overall, it's no more than around 155 lbs (70 kg). Plus, I tend to sit a bit towards the edge, not fully on top of the throne I have. This might change a bit with the Carmichael but because of the mentioned reasons I thought that the 15'' version would be a waste of material and just overly sized for my need. I think 13'' is fine even if sitting fully on top of the throne rather than towards the edge.

Both the 13'' and 15'' versions have the same price.
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