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Pocket full of Pennies & Watso; where do you guys actually come from? Who uses Jordison and "hip" in the same context? Who uses the term "hip" anymore period? Although I think Barker and Jordinson are decent, they are consistently listed in the top 5 of over-rated drummers polls (for what that's worth). On the other hand, if you aren't familiar with the name "Bonzo," you don't really "know" drums. Uninspired fills? Bonham? Another testament to your ignorance. Learn from your predecessors, you might (doubtful) advance to the big show. Stewart Copeland, "I don't use the double bass pedal a lot just for the occasional flash and effect but there is one particular thing that it can do; it works like a paradiddle: If you've landed on your foot but you need to get back up to your snare drum, but you need two beats to get your there, you can do go, 'ba-da-bahh!' It's ergonomics. "Now, John Bonham would have just done that with one foot because he was John Bonham. Because he was... the mountain."
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