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It's funny. I'm not nervous performing in front of people per se, but I can get anywhere from exhilarated to nervous to very nervous competing in front of a judge.

Our pipe band played in front of a sold out venue with 8,500 people each show and 15 shows over the course of a week in Switzerland. Cameras zooming around my face and hands. I felt as calm as I'd be in my living room. When we got back, we had 2 competitions. Judge right behind the drum corp each time and other judges walking around the band circle. Both times my mouth got dry, heart felt like an alligator, and my left hand and knees started to shake.

My solution this season: Beta blockers.

Now I'm not saying everyone should take them, but I do recommend researching them. Talk to your doctor about it if you've exhausted options and you're in a situation where having a performance degraded because of nerves is not an option. I practice more than enough for our band purposes and do relaxation exercises, eat bananas, have a beer right before a contest. All with varying levels of success. But we do one contest a month and play for less than 5 minutes every time we go out there. So after constant rehearsals and individual practice- one slip up from anyone of 20 members could cost us the contest. I'm friends with many of these judges and players from the other bands, so it may sound irrational and it probably is. But it's real.
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