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Default Re: Shure Beta 52a and AKG D112 - Video

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Everyone - Thanks again for the input. Listening back to my video on anything other than a setup with a sub sounds really clicky. Listen with a sub or nice headphones that can represent low freq's and you'll hear what I heard when I made the video. Both mics THUMP when you listen back with a nice system.
I have two tower speakers with a 12" woofer, 5" mid and 3" tweeter, along with 4 12" Kenwood car subwoofers with two each in a dual sealed box on each side of me getting power from an XLS1000 Crown amp in bridge mode. Trust me when I say, I can hear the difference in thump between the 52 and 112 LOL! ;) :)

They both have thump but the 52 is more solid and direct and the 112 is less focused but more open sounding through the tone spectrum.
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