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Default Re: Shure Beta 52a and AKG D112 - Video

Originally Posted by AxisDrummer View Post
My band is "Axis".

Basically an upstart 4 piece cover band although 3 of us have some history together. I'll admit we're probably a basement band just lucky to have had some gigs and a good response at them. Been playing the small dive bar scene since March: Red Fish Blue Fish in St. Charles, Parrot's and Misty Nights in St. Peters off Hwy 94, Handlebars in Florissant, Gameday in Maryland Heights.

We played 20 yrs ago as teenagers at bars but took a long break due to military service/families/etc....Got back together January 2012. I bought a mixer/PA and took a crash course in sound at "Google University". Basically I just mike the bass drum. Only thing coming out of the PA is bass drum and vocals. Guitar/bass amps are just as is. Yeah so the sound isn't exactly professional but all we can muster up right now.
Given your username, I thought that could be your band name. But then I thought, maybe he likes Axis pedals? LOL

Cool man. My band doesn't get out as much as I'd like, but I do enjoy our originals and playing with the guys. Sounds like you guys are having a good time!
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