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Default Re: Favorite Cymbal Owned and Favorite Dream Cymbal

My 22" Zildjian A ride. I bought it from a local music store that was going out of business 14 years ago. The owner was a little old lady (since deceased) whose son is a regionally popular guitarist. She informed me that he tried to play drums in the early 50's, but went with guitar instead. She had this cymbal sitting around in the back. It was near perfect, and I bought it for $110.

I am also partial to my 18" hollow logo (70's?) Zildjian Med A crash. I found it on eBay for a song because the seller didn't spell "Zildjian" correctly, and I was the only bidder. I think I picked it up for $50.

These are my favorite cymbals not only because they sound fantastic, but also because I only have $160 invested in them.
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