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Default Re: My new band collapsed...

It might just be the medium of communication to blame, The Old Hyde.

The number of times I've been trying to make time with some girl and she freaks out when I text her... Ugh.

Of course, that might just be the people with a duplicate sim of my phone and following me around and GPS and stuff... After I complained to the phone company (again) this month, my bill came down to 1/5th. They must be trying to pacify me...

But messaging seriously sucks. Better to talk, since there's just so much more that a tone of voice can conver than an impersonal message. People might imagine you being happy or sad or angry or perverse or whatever when you message.

"I want to play in our old jampad because we're a cult"

^^ See. If he wrote that, you might think he's joking. But if he said it over the phone, you'd be scared.
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