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Default Re: DTX900 Config-Changing outputs when using Individual Outputs

Thanks for the reply back. I should have been a bit more clear on priorities. I'm doing multi-track recording, so having to take the drums all together through a stereo feed would severely limit mixdown options. If I can't get the individual sources (top tom rim for example) redirected to the Misc. out Indv6 dry, then second best option would be to have the DTX apply some reverb before outputting the percussion on the Tom L/R indv 3/4 channels. My ideal solution would be 8-channel Indv outputs, with a given source (top tom rim) going to the Misc. channel, and then apply effects during mixdown. You addressed that reverb can't go on Indv outputs (only stereo L/R), but didn't specifically say there's no way to redirect a given source to another Indv output other than the default.

If that's not an option, what about if I got an addition pad like a TP70 and plugged into a spare input? Can that be set to go to Indv6 Misc. output?
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