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Default Re: DTX900 Config-Changing outputs when using Individual Outputs

Originally Posted by dakevster View Post
Looking for anyone with some deep DTX900 module config knowhow. Have a DTX950K kit and am struggling with a configuration. I'm using the IndOutAssign in the Utility menu to configure it to use 8 outputs, feeding into a mixer (Kick, Snare, Hihat, Tom L/R, Cymbal L/R, Misc). That config sets Toms to Indv3 (L) and Indv4 (R). I have set the top Rim on the toms set for some percussion (Tom 1 Rim is Tamborine, Tom 2 Rim is Cowbell).

I want to get some reverb on the percussion, but as I understand it in IndvOutAssign 6/8-ch mode, the internal DTX900 controller effects can't be used. So given that, I want to change the tom rim source to another output, the "Misc" output Indv6, so on my mixer I can only put the reverb on the Indv 6 percussion (I don't want the reverb on the actual Toms), and allow me to mix the percussion volume separate from the Toms. I go into the Voice for the tom rim source, to the OutputSel and try changing it to Indv6, and save the kit to a Usr kit. It shows it is changed, but the output of the tom rims is still with the rest of the toms on Indv3 and 4.

Does anyone know either how to use the effects while using the individual outputs, or know how to change a specific source (tom rim) to go to another output, different from the Tom pad or lower rim?


The effects section on the DTX900 module only goes to the main L/R outputs so the best set up for this application is to not use the global individual out function in the utility menu. Instead create a custom kit(s) that use the individual outs for kick, snare, tom, etc then assign the percussion to the desired tom rim with the output set to L/R +Phones. Then the voice can be sent to the effects for processing. Also assign the percussion voice to the misc slider to have independent volume control.

Hope this helps,

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