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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

When I first started playing drums 20 years ago, I almost immediately bought a 2nd bass drum and another pedal. Thank Lars for that......

After playing drums on and off and a long layoff, I returned to drums about 2 years ago and decided to go "back to basics" and run a single pedal.

I feel like I'm better now than ever on drums due to this change. I feel the groove more and feel like my time is infinitely more steady. I've never had a lesson and I'll admit that I don't keep time on the hi-hat with my left foot but I just feel more solid overall on the set and it translated upstairs to my hands as well.

I hear some nice double-bass parts that other drummers throw into some simple songs that our band covers and I'll admit that I think "Damn that sounded awesome!" But overall I plan on sticking with single pedal for the rest of my drum "career." (And by career, I mean my typical rock cover band playing small bars.)
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