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Default Re: Shure Beta 52a and AKG D112 - Video

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
The 52 was more compressed and thicker sounding and the D112 was more open and natural. I can see how it would make it difficult to choose just one. In fact depending on the sound you are after both could be kept and used when needed.

If I had to choose just one and based on your settings I'd probably go with the 52. I like a more solid and compressed thud with a mic'd bass drum. Not dead but little resonance. If I wanted a more open sound I would just record in a small room and just use overheads and a snare mic. Though my opinions may change based on your next test lol.

Nice comparison vid, thanks.
Thanks man. I'm wondering if the D112 sounds more "open", because of it's cardioid pattern than isn't as focused on where it's pointed like the 52 (super cardioid?) Probably has alot to do with it, as well as the voicing of course.

I can dial in a nice tone on the 52 and really dig it. Then I switch over to the D112 without changing anything and the volume is perceived as being much louder. The D112 has a "punch" that is just ridiculous. It cuts through like nobody's business!

At this point, I'm leaning towards liking the D112 more. But yeah, both mics seem fantastic for different tones.

Also, and this goes against alot of things I've read from people more knowledgeable than me, the D112 seems more tweakable. The Shure 52 seems to have it's sound, which is fantastic. But the D112 seems to respond quite a bit to changing the channel EQ, mic position, etc... I've read that the D112 does one thing and one thing only, but I dunno.
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