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Default Re: G2 Coated or G2 Clear

Originally Posted by BenDiuguid View Post
Hey guys if you hadn't noticed i've posted a lot about drum heads lately, i'm fixing to replace all of my current tom heads because i've never done it and I flipped a different drumset and realized my toms sound extremely dead.

anyways after some research i'm fairly sure i want to get Evans Genera HD resonant heads.

and originally i wanted to get G2 clear's but now i'm having doubts, should i get Coated G2's?

what are the main differences in the sound? (in laymen's terms please seeing as I have no experience with tuning drums at all)

idk if it helps but I like a lot of alternative rock from like pop punk to borderline screamo (i don't like the scream lol) bands like tonight alive, paramore, 30 seconds to mars, daughtry, saosin, sleeping with sirens, ventura lights, and stuff like that.

thanks so much for the help, you guys rock!!!
For that style the clears might suit you better. I have played both and I have found the coateds to be a little muffled and controlled, whereas the clears give me a very throaty, full sound. If you have an opportunity to A/B the heads at a store, do so.

Take some time, do a search on tuning here on the forum, there's some great threads. This will allow you to get the most out of your heads, whichever you choose.
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